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The Human Zoo - Mr Fuck Off We’re Full

Denno was born in Kalgoorlie and now resides in Rockingham. He is  V8 Turbo of a man, with every cylinder firing off cretinous ignorance while releasing unpalatable emissions of carbon poorcunt-cide. Only the outline of Australia is tattooed to his back and his sense of patriotism is just as hollow. He waves the flag with no appreciation for which way the winds of tolerance are blowing. This is ‘Straya mate, and in Denno’s opinion, it’s full.

Denno is the sort of sponge that makes Chux jealous. He has survived off workers comp payments for the last 8 months. Before “he did his back in” he was one of the finest stop sign holders in the game. His ability to smoke gear in his Council ute and then talk endless shit about “muzzies, gooks and abos” was critically acclaimed by the sorts of men who perpetually smell like darts mixed with Centrelink’s carpet. “Wouldn’t believe it, a tribe of Islams waiting in Centrelink, why are we paying for them cunts to bludge!”

Not burdened with the task of earning meaningful income tax for his beloved ‘Stray, Denno spends his days drinking with a bloke who thinks Colgate is a scandal involving Gina Rinehart. Denno muses about whether to drive, but as he has only had 7 beers, “she’ll be right”. He jumps in his SS Commodore and drives like a wanker towards his dealers pad. “I’m just saying, every time some cunt turns a corner too slow, it’s an ethnic, it just always is mate”. His toothless compatriot chuckles and queries whether Denno will be chipping in for the gear this time, “nah, nah, nah mate, haven’t got me C-link coin through, ay”.

After several more beers and enough crystal to rival a Valentine’s Day sale at Swarvoski, Denno is preaching like a robed kiddy fiddler at an anti-abortion rally. “Fucking Islams and Gooks, did you know gooks can also be Islams? Lotsa cunts don't know that ay, you should check these cunts out, true blue patriots mate”. Denno loads a YouTube video of some bogan-lipsy degenerate holding an Australian Flag and talking vaguely about female circumcision and burqas. “See mate, proof! All them cunts are just fucked mate”

If Australia was run by people like Denno, we wouldn’t need ISIS, the place would already be destroyed.  

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