30 Year Old Virgin Takes RedTube to Court

5 September 2013, 7:10am

Barnaby Wu, 30, has commenced an action against popular pornography website RedTube for misleading and deceptive conduct and seeks compensation for humiliation and distress that he suffered in his first sexual encounter on the weekend.

Wu alleges that he spent 1000's of hours on RedTube and developed an unrealistic expectation of sex. He further alleges that when he engaged the services of an escort on the weekend he was humiliated when his "weapon of mass seduction" popped off prematurely and the escort ended the session within the first 2 minutes.

Outside of Court, Wu told The Bell Tower Times:
"The real deal is not at all like you see in the RedTube movies. My first sexual encounter was shameful and to make matters worse the prostitute told me that I couldn't claim that I'd lost my V-plates as I hadn't actually entered her. I'm 30 for gods sake... My first time was meant to be special".
We understand that the escort in question declined Wu's request to give evidence, she told the Times:
"He paid for the session, sure. Even though he paid me, it still felt like a pity-fuck... or lack thereof. He talked a big game on the phone, telling me that he was coming over to "clean ze pool" and "rock my world"... I felt bad for him, but he should be angry at himself".
The legal community watches on with interest as the case is the first of its type. It raises the important question of whether pornography websites owe a duty of care to their viewership to ensure that they develop a healthy and balanced view of sexual intercourse.

RedTube is expected to rigorously defend the allegations and allege that they are free to post any content they wish within the boundaries of the law.

Wu plans to represent himself in the civil proceedings and despite the additional embarrassment incurred by bringing his matter into the public spotlight, he is adamant that he will not settle. In his words, "I'm doing this for every bloke who have been let down my the education system and misled by pornography about sex". 

Justice will prevail.

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