Perth Man Chooses Amateur Male Stripping Over Girlfriend

26 September 2013, 6:45am

Cindy Lee, 18, reportedly gave her boyfriend, Robert Jackson, 28, an ultimatum on Wednesday evening at Nando's in East Victoria Park: Its me or the amateur male stripping!

 An eye witness old the Bell Tower Times that Jackson responded almost immediately: "my fans crave it hard, babe, I'l always be an amateur male stripper".

In the interest of maintaining the high standard of impartial journalism the BTT is famous for, we arranged interviews with both Jackson and Lee to get the scope.

Lee met us at the Boost Juice in Garden City and told us the reason for her ultimatum:
"The stripping started at parties, he would take off his shirt or strip down to his grundies and run around. It was kinda ladsy at that stage....
then shit got really bad. He signed up for some greasy amateur male stripping competition in Northbridge. He dressed as an Indian Chief... his awkward and jagged dance moves were a serious turn off. I dunno.... from that day i always saw him as some kind of gay prostitute.... if he wanted to date me, the stripping had to stop"
Jackson met us at a supplements shop in Waterford and told us about his reaction to Lee's ultimatum:
"I was shocked. Bitches go wild when i'm up on stage like magic mike! I couldn't continue a relationship with someone who didn't support my passion: amateur male stripping. I'm making waves in the industry, a top amateur male stripper lets me wash his car, I consider that networking. On a side note, do you know anything about this new creatine supplement? SuperPump?"
We can categorically say that we will never go to one of Jackson's greasy amateur male stripping shows.