Burglary Victim Beginning to Think Insurance Company Doesn't Want to Compensate Him

2 October 2013, 7:00am

Greg Smithers, 25, was the victim of a car burglary on Friday night. The thieves smashed the driver's side window and made off with an Ipod and a handful of change.

Smithers was unfazed by the break-in, as he had comprehensive insurance with Youi, "they get you", or so their advertisement alleged.

Smithers was expecting his claim to be dealt with quickly  by the company that claims to understand him as a consumer. Smithers told the Bell Tower Times:
"If they really "got me", they would understand that I really didn't like having my shit stolen and waiting a week to get my car window fixed. Everyone knows that about me".
Smither's was horrified when the company bombarded him with questions, inferring that he hadn't left his car in a safe location (his driveway), and that he brought the burglary on himself by leaving an Ipod in the car (inside the glove box). Smithers told the Times:
"I cant believe it. It's almost like my insurance company didn't want to compensate me for my loss? I've never heard of that before. I thought the entire point of insurance was for this very scenario. To be honest, I'm hurt, not angry".
We understand that Youi eventually agreed to compensate Smither's for the cost of his window and a measly $20.00 contribution to his Ipod ($350.00).  Smithers is still trying to come to grips with his shattered perception of the insurance industry, an industry he formally believed was run by angels without wings.

Smithers is planning to approach his bank for a small loan, so that he can replace his beloved Ipod. He told us, "I suppose I was wrong about the insurance crowd, bunch of shitheads, at least I can trust bankers".

ohhhhh... Smithers.

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