North Freo Man Brings Unwanted Intensity to CrossFit Class

17 October 2013, 6:50am

CrossFit is a fitness craze that is sweeping the nation and your average punter can find a class running every day of the week. The philosophy behind CrossFit is simple, have fun and exercise hard.

Brian Teller, 28, attends a local CrossFit class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. His personal goal is to tone up for summer and foster a healthier lifestyle. However, eyewitnesses report that his passion for the class is often confronting and uncomfortable for other participants.

CrossFit instructor, Russell, 24, told The Bell Tower Times:
"Fuck me. Brian. His intensity is unreal. Almost every class he will start foaming and drooling from the  mouth while trying to push himself to the max. I remember one time I had to tell the lad to calm down because he was getting drool all over the other participants. He retaliated in a fit of passion and ripped his shirt off and punched a tyre".
Class participant, Sue, 32, told us:
"He paid close attention during the first class ice-breaking session.  He knows all our personal goals and he tries to motivate us in an aggressive and intense way. For example, when i was struggling to finish a set of pull ups he yelled 'thats not gonna get your wedding dress to fit is it love'... I suppose not".
Patrick Cho, 27, told us:
"He can be a bit of a dickhead at times. He keeps referring to his intense sets as 'state level' and refers to our sets as 'high school seconds at best'... I don't even know what he means". 
Whether you can handle Brian's unique brand of intensity and aggression is irrelevant, he embodies everything that CrossFit is about.

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