Landscaper Loses Plot Trying to Swat a Fly Away From Mouth

29 October 2013, 6:30pm

Perth Landscaper, Marvin Smith, lost his composure today while trying to swat a fly away from his mouth.

Smith was constructing a limestone wall at a property in Bedford, when the rogue insect hovered around Smith's head and repeatedly landed on Smith's lip.

Onlookers reported that Smith's swatting became erratic and aggressive and the scene turned ugly when Smith put too much gusto into a swat and smashed his sunglasses from his head. It was at this point that Smith allegedly went troppo.

An eye witness told the Bell Tower Times that Smith's demeanor changed quickly and he began yelling obscenities and taking hay maker swings at the insect. He eventually made contact and was observed grinning maniacally at the remains of the insect smeared across his palm.

The raging storm brewing in Smith's heart  calmed down with the demise of the insect, and the landscaper returned to finish his limestone wall.

We warn members of the public to invest in insect repellent this summer, or you may make a spectacle of yourself too.

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