Council Worker Smashes Record: 5 Hours of Angry Birds

10 October 2013, 7:00am

Rory "Go Slow" Dobson, 31, has been a proud employee of one of Perth's biggest Local Government Authorities for over 10 years.

Dobson is a council worker and primarily performs gardening duties. You can occasionally see him mowing the Shire's medium strips and attending to dodgy looking branches.

On Wednesday the 9th of October, Dobson set a record among his peers: he spent a staggering 5 hours of his 7 hour shift playing Angry Birds on his mobile phone. Dobson smashed his workmates previous record of 2 hours.

Coworkers reported that Dobson was particularly committed to job-dodging on Wednesday, and was seen playing on his mobile phone in his Ute, in a series of public toilets and an impressive 1.5 hour stretch while on his extended lunch break at Hungry Jacks.

The Bell Tower Times arranged a meeting with Dobson to hear his thoughts on this ground-breaking achievement, Dobson told us (between playing levels on Angry Birds):
"Well, firstly, id like to thank God... ha ha ha.... yeh but nah... getting paid to play Angry Birds is living the dream mate. Got the work experience kid to do most of the gardening, and just sat back and dedicated myself to smashing Gibbo's record. A lot of motorists were beeping at me, when they saw me laid back against a cherry-picker smashing out Angry Birds... I reckon they were cheering me on. Good shit".
Dobson earns $45.00 per hour and has access to generous job perks such as salary sacrificing and the use of a council car. Over his 10 year career, he estimates that he has only performed about "500 odd days of hard yakka... and the rest were no worries... they don't call me Go Slow for nothing".

We love to see our tax dollars being spent so wisely.

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