WA Posties Flex Their Muscles In Anticipation of Outlaw Bikie Anti-Association Laws

21 October 2013, 11:30am

Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman recently enacted the toughest anti-association laws that the nation has ever seen. In Queensland it is now illegal for members of outlaw motorcycle gangs to fraternise together, own tattoo parlours and even be in certain areas.

Premier Newman has sent a message to thugs with one hand on his cock and the other flashing a middle-finger in the air. It remains to be seen whether Western Australia's Premier Colin Barnett will follow suit and enact similar laws.

A vast majority of Western Australians would like to see the State crackdown on outlaw bikies, however WA Posties are unquestionably the most keen to see the anti-association laws gets passed through parliament.

Large groups of WA Posties have been seen riding in unison and proudly flashing their distinctive orange and yellow colours and badges. If anti-association laws are implemented in WA, it is likely that bikies will take their criminal enterprises inter-state, and leave the drug, extortion and illegal firearm trade up for grabs in WA.

We spoke to a a Postie that asked to remain anonymous, he told The Bell Tower Times:
"The Government will never declare Australia Post a criminal organisation  We will therefore be one of the few groups of motorbike riding bad-asses that will be unaffected by the anti-association laws. We have been waiting for this moment for years. The WA Posties control the mail, therefore we control you. You thought the Rebels were bad? Wait till you cop a express-post parcel to the back of your head motherfucker".
It is estimated that billions of dollars worth of contraband enters WA via the postal service every year . The Posties are in a uniquely advantageous position to take over the import and export of contraband given their control over the postal service.

It is rumored that Transit Security Officers are also eyeing off the throne. It is wildly feared that a brutal and bloody turf war may erupt between the Posties and the Train-cops. Both exert influence over vital elements of WA's infrastructure and both are hungry for power.

We suggest saying g'day to your Postie now, before its too late.

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