Self Styled Instagram Model Shocked at Chadwick's Rejection

25 October 2013, 9:30am

Lara Swindon, 21, is hot-to-trot. At least thats what slimey photographer, Milan Slobovic told her when she engaged his services for 10 'modelling photos' for the low price of $35.00 inclusive of GST.

Lara was so stoked with the heavily filtered photos, that she instantly uploaded them to her Instagram account. She was elated when her solid following of desperate males 'liked' the shots.

Lara is an avid user of Instagram and regarded by many as a blatant attention seeker. She likes and comments on other girls 'modelling photos' at least 30 times a day in the hope that they will reciprocate the kudos. She also has a reputation as someone who fishes for compliments, her favorite method is to post  flattering photos of herself and include captions such as "LOL, bit of a fatty!" or "OMG I look like an extra on the Walking Dead :P". 

One Instagram user, known as "@RomanticBoy", whose profile photo is a shot of himself at a "European" music festival exposing his abdomen region and sticking his tongue out,  posted the following comment under one of her photos:
"Hubba Hubba ah-roooo. You are so hot babe, this is a gazillion times better than those sluts in magazines xxx".
We contacted Milan Slobovich, a self confessed amateur photographer and full-time bag of shit, he told us:
"I only do this to have a perv. She was alright looking. Not fat or nothing. I told her that she should send a link of her Instagram account to Chadwick Models, cos she would be accepted for sure. I then brushed past her to  grab a USB stick, making sure my dick rubbed up against her arm. It was a good day for Milan". 
Lara followed Milan's advice and sent her 'professional photos' and a link to her Instagram account to the prestigious modelling agency. A mere 20 minutes after emailing the agency she received a response, Lara told us:
"FML. They said they were unable to consider my request at this time. They said I should seek out some modelling work and get back to them after I have built up a solid portfolio. They are obviously wrong. I did totes amazeballs in this years Ms Universe competition, I didn't make it to the second round, but the judges thanked me for MY TIME, that is saying a lot ya know". 
We understand that Lara has applied to Supre with the hopes of appearing on their infamous television ads. You know the ones.

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