School Excursion to Swanbourne Sand Dunes Proves Misguided

30 October 2013, 2:40pm

A Victorian teacher, Mr Carlton, had recently moved to Perth to commence his employment as a high school biology teacher at one of Perth's leading public schools.

He had earned a solid reputation in Victoria for engaging students and promoting a "hands on" approach to learning. Students were excited when Mr Carlton announced that he would be taking his biology class to Swanbourne Beach to study the Eco-system and as a general reward for the classes good behavior.

Mr Carlton's class arrived at Swanbourne Beach at 8:30am and the class began taking notes on the native plants. Mr Carlton's enthusiasm got the better of him and he announced to his class that they would take a quick peak at the sand dunes adjacent to the Beach.

Mr Carlton and his students were in the sand dunes for approximately 30 seconds before they stumbled across a man in a cowboy hat passionately sodomising another man who was gripping a soccer ball for relief. The men were exerting an incredible amount of energy and were said to have been literally frothing at the mouths.

Students reported that Mr Carlton acted quickly and ushered the children away from the scene. However, Mr Carlton's decision to take the children into the sand dunes was dealt another blow when one of the students spotted a third man in the sand dunes who was perched above the fornicating couple and engaged in violent masturbation while filming the men on his Iphone 5.

Eyewitnesses in the Swanbourne Beach car park saw a group of screaming and crying children come running from the dunes, reportedly looking traumatised and nauseous. One child had even vomited on himself.

Mr Cartlon is reportedly heartbroken that his excursion had descended into the pits of depravity and that he had subjected his students to such a vile scene. We are unsure whether the school will take disciplinary action against the teacher for his lack of judgment.

Just another day in paradise (Swanbourne Beach).

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