Twiggy's $65 Million UWA Donation Set to Make UWA Students Even More Insufferable

15 October 2013, 6:30pm

Western Australians are being warned to approach UWA students with caution in the wake of the announcement of Twiggy Forrest's $65 Million donation to the States Universities and a large amount going to UWA.

UWA students are already well known for their unearned sense of entitlement and superiority. The root of the problem stems from the University's large contingent of Golden Triangle residents and intake from the States most expensive private schools.

Students from the States other Universities are considered to be at particular risk, and are cautioned to not bring up the topic of PHD's and post graduate degrees at parties and other social events where a UWA pencil-neck might be lurking. It is feared that Twiggy's donation will further fuel the notion that UWA is the State's golden University.

UWA students are commonly found spending their parents money at Western Suburb bars. We ask the public to strongly reconsider their need to travel to these destinations for at least the next 2 months. Failure to adhere to this recommendation may induce strong urges to smack a smug student right in the mouth.

Twiggy's donation is undoubtedly generous. A fact that is strongly noted by the thousands of staff that have been made redundant from FMG over the last 5 years. Redundant employees cant help thinking that some of that $65 Million, would have been used to preserve their job, and not force them to return their Jet-Ski's and state of the art plasma television sets.

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