Buddy Franklin Distracted By "Pretty" GWS

19 March 2014, 10:00am

It was a shocking opening round to the AFL 2014 season. Of particular shock was Sydney's loss to underdogs Greater Western Sydney.

Clearly, every member of the Swans was forced to do some soul-searching after the loss to the ever improving GWS. Especially Buddy Franklin.

Confidential sources to The Bell Tower Times told us that they had overheard Buddy Franklin at a Bondi organic coffee shop telling a mate:
"Fuck oath they are a bunch of lookers that mob ay?Phil Davis was up my ass all night - the only thing penetrating the Swan's forward line was Davis' eyes mate. I don't know what got over me, but at various points in the game I found myself staring longingly at the GWS Guernsey, I liked the style it was pretty mate". 
We were informed that Buddy's mate took him firmly by the hand and assured him that he was the $10 Million dollar man and that they would be "besties" for life.

Hopefully Buddy can resolve his issues this season - as the Eagles are looking scrumptious. Not to mention living sex-machine Pavlich for the Dockers.

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