MKR's Pete Evan's Face Considered a Bio-Hazard

28 March 2014, 11:30am

Pete Evans is Australia's most popular cooking reality TV host and is the comprehensible ying to the incomprehensible Manu's yang 

Evans shocked viewers and environmentalists this season when he showed off his new slimmed down and heavily botoxed face.

Evans has reportedly undergone so many plastic surgery procedures that his face is now considered to be less biodegradable than a plastic bag. Senator Scott Ludlam is even calling for a tax to be levied on Evan's face. In Ludlam's words:
"Pete Evan's face will outlive the pyramids. We need a special tax imposed on him, so that after his demise we can safely contain his face and protect the environment".
  We asked Manu what it was like working with Pete Evan's face:
"It was like the time I ate mushrooms in Paris and thought my bottle of coke was talking to me. Pete is a character - he sleeps standing up and needs the TV crew to give him at least 10 seconds warning if he needs to smile in the show - it takes work moving that face".
We tried to contact Evan's however we were told that he was in the process of activating his almonds-
believed to be the primary fuel for his bionic face.

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