Aprils Fools! Police to Lower Alcohol Limit to 0.02

31 March 2014, 10:00am

The nations police intend to prank motorists tomorrow for Aprils Fools Day by lowering the blood alcohol limit to 0.02. 

Anyone who accuses the Police of not having a bloody good laugh are bloody wrong.

A confidential source told The Bell Tower Times that Police from each state have been briefed and told to have some fun on a day notorious for pranks and trickery. Additional Police resource will be dedicated to setting up over 5000 random breath test points throughout the nation. Any driver who blows under 0.05 but over 0.02 will be told they are under arrest for drink driving and will be forced to accompany the Police officer back to the nearest station or booze bus.

Learner and P plate drivers will be advised that they are required to return a negative reading. Therefore, they will be arrested if they return a reading of 0.00 or higher. 

We understand that once at the station or booze bus, the Police will advise the driver that they have been the victim of a hilarious Aprils Fools Day prank and will be released (as soon as the Police are satisfied they do not have any outstanding warrants for arrest). 

A spokesman for the Minister for Police told The Bell Tower Times:
"Never before have the nations police united to execute the mother of all practical jokes. It is great to see bloody good coppers from all our wonderful states having a bloody good laugh. It will show the public that there is a real person with a real sense of humour behind the badge".
Police chiefs from each state have also advised their men, to use any force necessary to successfully carry out the prank. Accordingly, anyone who refuses to accept that the blood alcohol limit is reduced to 0.02 can be physically restrained and cuffed. The rationale for the use of force is - "any maggot who doesn't want to have a bloody good laugh probably has something to hide".

We love our boys in blue.

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