Scott Ludlam Has a Dream - Gay Sharks

3 April 2014, 11:30am

Green's Senator, Scott Ludlam is a simple man with simple dreams. He envisions a world where our forests are protected, our pollution lowered and of course, a chance to see two gay sharks banging each other.

Nothing gets Ludlam hotter under the collar than the inequality homosexuals suffer at the hands of successive Australian Governments. He gets even more furious about the Barnett Government's shark-cull policy. But my god, if you want to see the man hit the fucking roof - tell him that homosexual sharks are not given the same rights to procreate in a convenient viewing tank, for his own Green pleasure.

The Green's hope to snatch a few more seats in Saturday's re-election in Western Australia. Ludlam has run an aggressive and heart-mangling campaign - a campaign that focuses on just about every emotive social issue one could think of. That is not a criticism - a minor party cant be expected to have comprehensive policies in respect to the economy, international relations or infrastructure. However, some sceptics believe that Ludlam's real focus is on his mincey fishy fetish.

The Bell Tower Times does not judge Ludlam. We support the Greens securing a few extra Senate seats and assisting our Nation to develop more liberal policies, no matter how many times Ludlam cranks the shank in Underwater World.

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