Pre-Ejaculate Awareness Campaign Hits Early

7 April 2014, 8:45am

Pre-ejaculate remains the single biggest threat to sexual health in Australia. It can often strike without warning and the mystery substance is able to infect and impregnate at the drop of a hat. 

The Australian Government has launched a pre-emptive strike against the dangers of pre-cum. A recent survey revealed that 8/10 Australians were oblivious to the dangers that pre-cum posed to them. Only 2/10 of the survey participants knew that pre-cum can contain baby-making sperm and only 1/10 participants knew that pre-cum can transmit sexually transmitted infections.

The campaign uses the phrase "You Could Have Pre-Cum Without Even Knowing" - such a true statement. The pre-ejaculate is often released without any sensation and can often go under the radar. If you have ever wondered why the "pull out" method is so ineffective - pre-cum is the answer.

The Federal Government is teaming up with each State Department of Health to spread the awareness of pre-cum to Australians. One add campaign features a man grabbing a squeezy container of mustard and going to put some on his hotdog. Instead of normal mustard being squeezed out, the bottle unleashes that weird watery stuff that any mustard fan will know about. The add is a clever analogy for pre-cum.

Australian radio personality Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald will head the campaign. Fitzy has been deeply touched by the dangers of pre-cum and is keen to raise awareness. He refuses to go into specifics, however what he does say is - "never use another blokes genital protector when your playing cricket" - blimey. Nevertheless, Fitzy is a great ambassador for such an  important awareness campaign.

Social media will also play its part - #SelfiesforPreCum is expected to go viral - with social media users posting selfies of themselves.

Keep yourself safe.

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