Rove To Play Ben Cousins In TV Drama

27 April 2014, 8:00am

Rove McManus has landed the role of his lifetime -  playing Benny Cousins in the upcoming Television drama about the life of the controversial AFL superstar.

The unusual choice for the role is being hailed as "pure genius" and "a sure fire way to melt woman's panties". The combined sex appeal of the Adonis Ben Cousins and the jockey Rove has got the entertainment industry excited.

We spoke to an industry insider who told us about the decision to cast Rove:
"Rove is what we call a triple threat - funny, sexy and charismatic. I think Rove's portrayal of Cousins will go down as the sexiest acting since Hugh Jackman played a homosexual in the movie Australia".
We contacted Rove and asked him about the upcoming movie:
"Let me start by saying WHAT THE! *laughs hysterically*. No, no, I am really excited. At first I was like What The? But now I am like,  What the Hell! *laughs harder*".
We were unable to finish the interview. 

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