#MKR: Chloe & Kelly Had Vision of Winning During Maasai Ceremony in Serengeti

29 April 2014, 8:00am

"Fuck the haters, yo" - a sentiment that is being echoed by all Chloe and Kelly fans of the popular reality TV show MKR.

The shows decision to cast Chloe and Kelly in the season's grand final has angered fans and as usual, those fans took to twitter to express their burning hatred of the two WA girls. However, angry Tweeters have failed to realize that the show's outcome was predetermined many moons ago, not just by the sleazy producers of the show, but in a vision Chloe and Kelly had while attending an exclusive ceremony with the Maasai tribes people in the Serengeti.

Chloe and Kelly hiked for 3 days with the Maasai people through the Serengeti, living off psychedelic roots and feasting on the rarest berries that only flower for non-Contiki tourists. In their words, it wasn't so much a trek, but a "spiritual enlightenment of a seasoned traveler" and "off the beaten track doesn't even begin to describe it". 

During the ceremony, Chloe and Kelly sipped on the Elder's Tea - a powerful concoction of ingredients you have never heard of, and probably never will (go backpack through Europe you peasants). The Elder's Tea granted Chloe and Kelly access to the Maasai spirit world, where they were visited by the butterball Manu and the Botox-bot Evans. They told The Bell Tower Times that in this vision Manu muttered incomprehensibly and Evans told them that they were the "Heroes of the Dish".

Given that the South Aussie mums have probably only ever traveled to help out in their children's school's tuck shops, it is clear that the WA duo will take out the crown.

We shall watch in anticipation.

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