Curtin Uni: Tough Guys Cry Into Their Pillows the Hardest

30 April 2014, 7:30am

Curtin University has conducted a land breaking study to smash some  myths surrounding muscle bound tough guys who refuse to show any signs of weakness in public. The results are startling: the tougher the bloke, the harder he cries into his pillow at night. 

According to the study, blokes who show an excessive amount of bravado in their day to day lives are prone to crippling bouts of self loathing and inner turmoil. 

One case study was "Bruce". The researchers found that Bruce would tell his workmates to "toughen the fuck up" about 10 times per day on average. However, when probed, Bruce finally admitted that he spent twenty minutes naked and crying on the shower floor, when the Eagles lost the Grand Final in 2005.

The study goes further to suggest, that outwards signs of masculinity can be used by blokes to avoid showing emotion in public. 

Another case study, found that Rocco, a 25 year old Bikie, was borderline "unbearable" to be around. He would accuse everyone of being a "poof" and once glassed a stranger for ordering a "faggy" gin & tonic at a bar. After intense probing by the researchers, Rocco revealed that he once wrote his mothers name on a packet of sausages and paid a male escort to beat him with the packet until he stopped crying.

Once again, money being spent on research to prove things we already know. 

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