Orange Light Cameras Set to Raise Millions

23 April 2014, 7:00am

When the Barnett Government isn't killing sharks or acting like Troy Buswell, it is devising diabolical schemes to raise revenue.

In an evil stroke of genius, Barnett has decided to re-set approximately 50% of the State's red light cameras to flash if a motorist runs an orange light. Exact details of the timings are unknown.

A spokesperson for the Government told The Bell Tower Times:
"Much to our horror, Perth drivers have finally got it through their bloody thick skulls that gunning it through a red light is dangerous. This has led to a dramatic drop in fine revenue in 2013/2014. Re-setting the cameras to flash if a motorist drives through an orange light is pure genius. We expect to double our revenue by 2015. Motorists beware".
Road safety campaigner, Ridge Donnely, says that the Government has gone too far and the orange light cameras are likely to cause more accidents than prevent them.

The cameras are expected to be re-set this ANZAC long weekend.

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