Facebook Is Dead

Seems like only yesteryear, Facebook was the most innovative way to keep in touch with family and friends. Slowly, the popular social media site has begun its death song. Here is why:

1. Tag a mate who...

This trend had its moments, but gee-wizz, it seems like every Facebook page with a few thousand 'likes' just dedicates themselves to posting "tag a mate" photos. Desperate attempts to increase the traffic through their pages. For reasons unknown.

2. Smug fitness posts

It's OK muscles mcgee, we all know that you are fit and love working out in the gym. Spare us the constant smug posts and gym check-ins. You may hide behind the delusion that you post this stuff to "motivate" us, but in reality, its shameless self promotion and no one cares.

3. Cheesy romantic wankery

Enough already. We think that this is a product of the swag/yolo generation. Drake is also probably to blame.

4. Bone-headed trends

From selfies posing as "awareness" campaigns, to, NekNomination - Facebook has a tendency of bringing out the most baffling trends in social media. To be fair - the bone-headed trends probably breath some life into Facebook - but ultimately degrade the brand.

5. Relentless atheists

Atheists spend more time banging on about religion that religo's. Nothing seems to get bored trolls frothing more, then a good online argument with a christian they've never met in real life. We are glad that you like science so  much, why don't you go and do some rather than argue online?

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