Adventure World Introduces Pool Urine Dye

Artist Visualisation of the Technology

22 April 2014, 7:30am

Perth's largest outdoor amusement park, Adventure World, has become the first amusement park in the southern hemisphere to utilise pool urine dye in its water facilities.

The technology seems simple but is actually quite advanced. Many of the ingredients in a persons urine can be found in other bodily excretions, such as sweat. The dye is therefore a marvel of modern day chemistry and will only turn purple if it comes into contact with a certain electrolyte that can only be found in urine.

Everyone is expected to benefit from the introduction of the dye, as the absence of urine will mean the pools will require far less chlorine to keep clean. Although, not everyone is happy about the introduction of the dye. We spoke to Brian Cho, a 28 year old who was caught by the dye on Saturday:
"I'd drunk about 12 Jack n Cokes, a man simply cannot wait in a line for the toilet after drinking that many Jacks. I ducked into the kids wading pool and drained me lizard. Next think I know, the water around me turned purple and a lifeguard gestured for me to get out of the pool. He told me that I'd been caught in "Operation Wet Dreams" and that I was banned from entering the pools for the day. Bloody un-Australian".
Indeed, urinating in another man's pool is an Australian tradition as dinky-di as a sausage sizzle at a footy game. On the other hand, given the thousands of patrons who flock to Adventure World every weekend, one can only shudder at the amount of urine seeping into various pools.

Anyone caught urinating in an Adventure World pool will have their photo taken and placed on the wall of the lifeguards office. A second offence will earn you a place on the public wall of shame and a third offence will carry a life-ban from the venue. All penalties are accompanied by 24 hour bans on the usage of Adventure World pools.

Urinate safely people.

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