Transit Guards Now Authorised to Use Deadly Force

24 March 2014, 1:30pm

Fare evasion by shifty commuters is costing the WA Government millions of dollars per year and the Premier is not happy. The problem is compounded by the fact that total traffic infringements have fallen over the last financial year. Simply put, the Government is quickly going broke.

As a result, the Government has intensified its focus on income from public transport. Proposed changes to legislation will see Transit Guards being armed with tazers and hand-guns to enable them to effectively chase down and immobilise anyone who tries to avoid paying their fare.

If a Transit Guard has a reasonable suspicion that a commuter has travelled over 5 zones and attempts to evade capture by the Transit Guards, then the use of lethal force is authorised to protect the public and the Government's piggybank.

The new slogan that will be rolled out across WA media is: Getting a free ride? You're DEAD Wrong".

The Bell Tower Time's confidential Government source told us:

"The campaign is really quite simple. We hope that given the serious risk that you will be tazed, beaten and shot for evading a $4.50 fare, there will be a dramatic drop in fare evasion. The Government thinks that fare evasion is a gross disrespect to our great State and quite frankly the Elizabeth Quay Project has blown out and we can barely afford it".
 Watch out commuters.

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