Facebook Stalker: Man Accidentally 'Likes' New Co-Workers Beach Photo from 2008

12 August 2013, 2:30pm

Brenton Anders, 42, has worked at an inner city town planning firm for the last six years. He was elated when Kate Smith, a new smokin' hot university student, commenced her two weeks of work experience yesterday.

Anders was quick to enter the girls name into Facebook to get a glimpse into her life and lurk through her photo albums. Much to Anders' delight, Kate's privacy settings where virtually non-existent and he was able to creepily trawl through each and every one of her 957 photos.

Unfortunately for Anders, it was Kate's sloppy privacy settings that led to his undignified fall from grace. Kate had allowed non-friends to interact and when Anders came to  photo 456, from the album, Rotto Summer '08, his sweaty hand slipped and he unintentionally 'liked' a photo of young Kate wearing a bikini and posing for the camera.

There was little Anders could do at this point. He knew in his heart that Kate would receive the notification in a matter of seconds, and he would forever be the 42 year old creep that couldn't even wait one day to Facebook stalk the work experience girl.

Anders provided this short statement to the Bell Tower Times: "Aw shit".

Boys will be boys.

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