Teen Pleads #YOLO to Robbery and Extortion Charges

7 August 2013, 6:30am

Arthur Cronski, 18, has set a legal precedent in Western Australia by pleading "#YOLO" to a string of armed robbery and extortion charges that he allegedly committed between 2012 - 2013. 

Cronski began his criminal career by threatening to skin his neighbour's pets alive if they did not pay his weekly "tax". Cronski told the Times:

"YOLO man, it all started out as a bit of fun ya know. I was young and living life to the max... so i thought why not violently extort a few bucks off my neighbours? I just didn't want any regrets, baby".
The Prosecution allege that on 24 December 2012, Cronski celebrated Christmas Eve by engaging in a "swag fueled rampage" committing 6 aggravated armed robberies around the Rivervale and Belmont areas.  Cronski allegedly targeted petrol stations and threatened staff with broken Patron tequila bottle. Cronski's girlfriend, Belinda told the Times:

"OMG wooo. Terrorising those petrol station attendants with a Patron bottle shows just how much swag Arthur has. Other criminals probably would just use some lame knife... I don't know what the big deal is, he was just young and crazy, we all make bo-bo's".
Cronski's defence team was tight lipped about proceedings, however they were able to tell us that the basis for the #YOLO defence, is that, had Cronski not committed the string of violent offences, he would be filled with crippling regret in his old age.

Cronski is due to re-appear before the Perth Magistrates Court on 9 August 2013.

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