Young Lawyer Consistently Brings Up Job Without Prompting

29 August 2013, 8:45am

Angus Lovett, 22, recently graduated from a Perth university with a law degree and a beaming sense of self satisfaction.

To anyone worrying that if they meet Angus they will have no idea what he does for a crust, fear not, as Angus will raise the topic within the first 2 minutes of conversation. Guaranteed.

Angus is skilled at "occupation-dropping" and his most trusted weapon in his smug arsenal is the question, "so, what do you do mate?". 9/10 times the victim will respond and then reciprocate the question, to which Angus will reply, "Lawyer, on the Terrace mate".

The Bell Tower Times caught up with Angus to discuss his passion, he told us:
"I really like the impressed look people give me when I tell them that I am a Lawyer on St Georges Terrace... In a way, they share a brief vicarious moment of victory with me... I am not one to blow my own trumpet however, other people's occupations are just as important as being a Lawyer on St Georges Terrace".
Angus' attempt at being humble was possibly more contrived then his chronic occupation-dropping. Our top journalist had to fight the urge to smack him in the mouth.

We caught up with one of Angus' long term friends who wished to remain nameless, he told us:
"When we go out drinking, Angus' has a pocket full of business cards with his mobile phone number written on the back... Atrocious carry-on". 
Surprisingly, Angus doesn't tell the pretty ladies, that he spends most of his day fixing coffees for the senior partners and being berated by the other lawyers for wearing a cheap suit.

C'mon Angus.

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