Police Strikes Expected Over Commissioner's Move to Remove McDonald's Discount

5 November 2013, 3:45pm

Victorian police Chief, Ken Lay, has written to McDonalds and requested that they discontinue the discount offered to members of the Victorian Police Force. Read the story here.

There are concerns that the provision of free burgers will entice police to spend more time in McDonalds than on their respective beats. There are also concerns that the bulging waistline of our nation's finest is sending a poor message to the public.

After all, how can a police officer catch a crook, if they haven't even buttoned up their pants and removed themselves from McDonalds to give chase?

Police officers in Victoria are planning to walk off the job on 6 November 2013, to protest the actions taken by Ken Lay. One officer told The Bell Tower Times that he wasn't even going to look at the pile of unsolved car burglary reports that he has had on his desk since 2007, until there is confirmation he can continue to dine at McDonalds for a fraction of the price of other people.

In a show of unity, Western Australian police are considering taking similar action and walking off the job tomorrow to protest the unfair treatment being shown towards their Victorian brothers. A WA police officer, who had worked closely with Trust Fund, told the Times:
"Folks don't understand how demanding our job can be. We are literally heroes. Each and every one of us, heroes. It makes me sick that the maggots we call citizens, have a crack at us for getting half priced fast food. So what if they need to pay full price? They aren't saving lives and being heroes".
The Bell Tower Times received information from a source,  that in the event of a strike was held tomorrow, the only police service that would not be disrupted would be the road safety and traffic unit, in the sources words, "our radars will never stop". 

The potential strike in WA has petrol station and pharmacy attendants in the Midland and Armadale areas nervous.

Would you like fries with your tantrum?

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