School Leavers Police: Dob in a Mate for Immunity

26 November 2013, 2:50pm

School Leavers have begun their celebrations in various locations around WA. The most popular spots being Rottnest Island, Dunsborough and Busselton. According to the Police the celebrations are synonymous with underage drinking, sex and general good times.

This year, Western Australian Police have spread the message to leavers, that if they are caught with alcohol or drugs, they will have an opportunity to "act like a cop", and dob in their mates in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

The scheme dubbed, "Dob in Ya M8", has so far resulted in a number of arrests for the intent to sell and supply prohibited substances. There have also been reports of bar fridges and eskies being raided on a daily basis, in the search for "alcopops" that may be destined for the lips of underage drinkers.

The success of Dob in Ya M8, is rumored to be due to the fact it is modeled on the application process for the Police force itself, with all hopeful cadets being encouraged to inform on a member of their family or social circle, for any conceivable offense.

The scheme reminds us of the infamous "drug bins" that were positioned outside of music festivals, and allowed revelers to dispose of their drugs before they  entered the festival and avoid any punishment. The "drug bins" were not utilised, much to the disappointment of resident Perth fiend, Robbo Dawson, who in an act of desperation tried to spear tackle a bin with the intent of ingesting anything that fell out.

Go on, laws are forever, friendships are temporary.

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