Victor's Secret - Male Lingerie Store to Open on Hay Street

22 November 2013, 12:30pm

Victoria's Secret has been supplying woman with sexy lingerie for decades and has become a mainstay of the female wardrobe.

Sadly, men have been deprived of the same shopping experience. All this is about to change, with Victoria's Secret announcing that it will be opening its first "Victor's Secret" shop in Perth's famous Hay Street Mall on 12 December 2013.

A spokesperson for Victor's Secret released the following statement to the media:

"Male lingerie is really the final taboo. I think Perth men will really relish the opportunity to go shopping for sexy underwear together. Your average Aussie bloke will now get a chance to check with his mates whether his new lacey male lingerie will look cute and impress that special lady. We also envisage, that men from the Eastern States will ask their friends who visit Perth to bring them back a sexy little number".
Not everyone in Perth is abuzz with the same excitement, with some male shoppers calling the proposed store "misguided" and "unholy". The Bell Tower Times spoke to, Shane, a guy we found shopping for grundies at Target, he told us:

"ahhh.... I am not sure Victor's Secret will be a success. I don't reckon blokes want to go underwear shopping together, if you ask me, if your jocks have at least 70% elasticity and there are few signs of visible skid marks, then most girls will be satisfied. There really isn't a need for lace or g-strings or other homo shit".
On the other hand, we were informed by a confidential source, that the Treasuer, Troy Buswell, described the store as "fantastic". 

The success of the store will surely be measured based on the sales for Christmas this year. We ask our readers, would you buy your dad or brother a pair of lacey Y-fronts for Christmas?

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