Grown Adult's Outraged by Chloe and Kelly on MKR

4 February 2014

The notoriously scripted and captivating TV show - My Kitchen Rules has a knack of creating social media monsters of men.

This year, producers have carefully scripted WA's contenders, Chloe and Kelly, to be raging mega-bitches, in the same way they molded the public's perception of last years Asian babes. Chloe and Kelly endlessly bang on about their travel and are highly critical of other contestants - basically behaving like Contiki Tour Connoisseurs who have had the luxury of travelling on their parent's coin.

The "Twittersphere" has exploded and grown men, such as "Colonel Kickhead" - self proclaimed  twitter hard-case and funnyman - posted a photo viciously attacking the WA duo (see above). It seems, MKR has driven a grown man to jump on Photoshop and create a "meme" showing his distaste for essentially fictitious characters on a TV show.

Colonel Kickhead is not the only grown man to be outraged by the lighthearted cooking show:

Aymee (who allegedly is also crazy) has taken  a more solemn attack on Chloe and Kelly - sincerely hoping that they take a long look at themselves at the shows cessation. The kind of advice you might receive from your mother after you are caught masturbating into her favorite tea towel.

The examples are endless. We must ask ourselves as a society - are we really that gullible? Do we believe anything a reality TV show broadcasts? The online hate campaign against Chloe and Kelly would be analogous to launching a hate campaign against Paul Robinson from Neighbours.

Everyone chill.

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