Woosha Gives Troubled Cousins a Job at His New Pharmacy

6 February 2014

John Worsfold and Ben Cousins now have two things in common - they were dumped from the Eagles and now, they are both in the Pharmacy business.

Worsfold has been rumored to be re-opening his pharmacy that operated in Garden City in Booragoon and has reached out to the troubled Ben Cousins who has been unable to find steady employment after his departure from Richmond Footy club some years ago.

Our sources tell us that Cousins will initially be manning the front counter under the watchful eye of Woosha. A term of his employment is that he will not be permitted to handle any product containing pseudoephedrine or any prescription drug that can be used to achieve a high.

Some commentators have called the decision to employ Cousins in a pharmacy as "baffling" and a "ticking time bomb that will explode all over Woosha's face". More compassionate voices have called the decision a vital step to helping Cousins develop a healthy respect of drugs and discover how drugs can be used for good, not just fun.

The pharmacy is likely to be opened in 2015. We can only hope Cousins can keep a cool head and not blow this final chance for himself.

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