Qantas Forced to Re-think "Rip Off Aussies" Business Model

27 February 2014, 10:00am

Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce, announced today that Qantas would be axing 5000 jobs and selling aircraft to claw back a massive $252 Million dollar half year loss.

The sniveling Irish twat went on to blame fuel prices and increased competition from budget airlines as the catalyst for he massive fuck-up.

An ex-Qantas employee told The Bell Tower Times that the reason for the loss was quite simple:
"After the collapse of Ansett, we were in a position to really kick Aussies in he gut. With no alternative airlines for many routes, we could charge West Aussies up to $800.00 for a return ticket to see their family in Melbourne. Basically, we ripped off the public for so long that when budget airlines emerged we were truly fucked. Even when we tried to lower our prices, the public put up their collective middle finger and told us to go and swivel. We ripped off the public for decades and now Joyce is fucking the lives of 5000 staff, rather than scale back on top brass bonuses and his own lucrative salary".
On behalf of the public, let us say this - you deserve what you got Qantas. Interstate travel with your company is so expensive that  for many Australians the chance to visit their friends and family was an impossibility until the emergence of Tiger/Jetstar. Now you are going to make life difficult for 5000 people due to your poor management and lack of foresight.

It is sad that another Aussie company is in trouble, but it is far sadder that your business model was to be the giant mosquito that drained the cash flow from Aussie's veins for decades.

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