McDonald's Amore Ad Sends People into Rages

25 February 2014, 11:00am

It appears that McDonalds is not content with just poisoning our bodies, they are also intent on destroying our mental states with infuriatingly shit television ads.

Macca's recent ad campaign combines shit-eating dancers signing about how getting an extra 500 calories for 20% less is "amore" (love in Italian).

It was only a matter of time before Macca's abandoned their desperate health campaign, and they have done it in spectacular fashion. However, the sickeningly cheery ads have caused an outbreak of rage attacks in Perth's southern suburbs.

Fred Dingle, from Cockburn, told The Bell Tower Times that he lost the plot on Monday night after hearing the ad:
"I felt the red mist come over me. The dancers look like turbo children's camp leaders on crystal meth. It's fuck'n junk food for fucks sake. I am not proud, but I flipped my coffee table over and smashed my TV remote against my mates knee... not proud mate".
The BTT knows about at least 6 over rage incidents related to the Amore ad campaign. In one case, a truck driver became so enraged after enduring the ad three times in half an hour, that he ran down his street with his shirt off, screaming about "poofters" and ripping letter boxes out of the ground.

We can only hope that McDonalds ends the adverts in the interest of public safety.

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