Buswell Apologises to Parliament with Heart-Warming Finger Painting

6 May 2014, 10:45am

Colin Barnett has welcomed back Troy Buswell with open arms today in Parliament after Buswell presented a finger-painting that he had created during his hiatus.

Buswell is facing criminal charges in connection to his drunk driving rampage that left a trail of destruction on Roberts Road in Subiaco after a night of heavy drinking at a wedding in Kings Park. Despite the serious nature of his charges, Barnett decided to let bygones be bygones after receiving the heart-warming fingering painting.

A confidential source close to the Premier told The Bell Tower Times:
"Buswell isn't some civilian shit muncher. He is good friends with all the power-brokers in Western Australia. Colin was faced with the hardest task a politician could do - face sacking a mate and see that mate lose all his Government perks and golden handshakes. Needless to say, Colin was simply not capable of delivering that blow. Plus the drawing was quite endearing". 
The public are understandably furious at Buswell's return to Parliament. Some have described Buswell as a "one man bucks party" and feel that binge drinking, chair sniffing, bra snapping, dry-humping and re-enacting GTA on Roberts Road are not activities befitting a politician. Hard to disagree.

We understand that Buswell is working on an apology scrapbook containing drawings, poems and interesting newspaper clippings, to present to the Magistrates at his sentencing.

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