RSPCA Outrage at Elephant Seal's Manslaughter Conviction

29 May 2014, 1:00pm

The RSPCA is outraged that Stevie the Elephant Seal (pictured) was convicted of Manslaughter in connection to an incident where the blubbery mammal attacked and unintentionally killed a patron at the Ocean Beach Hotel in 2013.

The animal rights group claim that the State's prisons do not have the necessary enclosure to house the 1/2 tonne animal and that he will be targeted by inmates if he is given special privileges - such as enjoying seafood each day and playing with his beach ball.

A spokesperson for the RSCPA told The Bell Tower Times:
"We understand that Stevie did a bad thing, but we do not feel that large sea based mammals belong in the same environment as hardened criminals. Stevie would be much better suited for the Perth Zoo or alternatively, a period of isolated seclusion in the Antarctic waters, where he migrates each year to breed".
Nevertheless, the Department of Public Prosecutions is determined to make an examples of this renegade Elephant Seal and has indicated that they would be opposing any plea for leniency.

In another fierce blow for Stevie, Ocean World in Queensland declined his job application to be the main attraction this summer, stating that they couldn't risk the 500kg behemoth attacking their trainers or hotdog stands.

Looks like Stevie went barking up the wrong tree. Owf! Owf!

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