Man Kills Penis By Injecting Erection Nasal Spray

Karl Reid, 25, was admitted to Royal Perth Hospital on Sunday night, complaining of an erection that he had endured for a staggering two weeks. 

Reid advised the Emergency Department staff that the erection had stemmed from Reid injecting the fluid contained in a popular nasal impotence spray, directly into his blue vain, in an attempt to cure his nagging impotence.

A doctor on duty told The Bell Tower Times:
"At first we were perplexed at why someone would inject the fluid rather than inhale it nasally, as it was intended for. He told us that he suffered from severe impotence but was also a chronic masturbater. The unique combination of disorders meant that he was sniffing the spray up to 10 times per day and literally burning his nose off. He made the decision to inject the fluid instead".
Unfortunately for Reid, his penis was declared legally dead on arrival. Instead of amputating the lifeless appendage, his doctor proposed a radical surgery - to install a pump in his scrotum, that would allow the keen masterbater to "pump up" his erection when he was getting intimate with a partner. Sadly, Reid will never have feeling in his penis again, however the ability to pump up an erection will at least allow him to participate in sex.

Reid is now known as "Reebok Balls" by his friends, who also note that he is "the dumbest motherfucker on the planet".

Reid declined to comment.

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