MasterChef Fist Fight: Preston Clogs Toilet (again)

5 May 2014, 6:00pm

The nation has been rocked by two high profile fist fights today - one between James Packer and some bozo, the other, between Matt Preston and George Calombaris.

Just hours before tonight's much anticipated episode, Calombaris allegedly came barreling into the green room and throw a massive right hook at the behemoth-esque Preston. Onlookers reported Calombaris screaming about the star's toilet being blocked and "overflowing with Preston grade shit". 

Preston allegedly flung into a rage and called Calombaris a "pudgy-eyed turtle-whacker" before unleashing a bevy of ham-fisted death swings at the perverted little Greek man.

Insiders tell The Bell Tower Times that Preston is infamous for clogging up toilets and Calombaris is most aggrieved because he likes to write his recipes while enjoying the ambiance of the men's toilet. A fist fight was bound to happen.

News Corp tried to offer The Bell Tower Times $200,000.00 for exclusive rights to this story, we told them to go and steal some shit off BuzzFeed.


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