Perth Loses Mind Over the Great Perth Storm

8 May 2014, 9:00am

Perth was the victim of an absolutely mauling last night - 45mm of rain, thunder and strong winds. Thankfully, Perth survived another round with the "Great Perth Storm".

As per usual, Perthians took to social media to post photos of the storms destructive wake. A few roofs were blown off buildings and the State's pot plants copped an absolute battering. Drivers took the petal off the metal and at 9:00pm the Mitchell Freeway was flowing at a blistering 25kph. Needless to say, the Great Perth Storm of 7 May 2014 was a real talking point in break rooms across the state today.  

Nothing whips Perth into a frenzy like enduring a relatively mild storm. Office managers across the state were diligent to send their staffers an email yesterday afternoon, advising them to drive with caution and be careful of the storm. We are yet to have a member of the public credit such an email to their survival, but surely lives were saved.

Shit-talkers and One-upsman were on fire this morning, with an estimated 10,000 bullshit storm stories being spun by 9:00am in workplaces and chatrooms across the State.

Stay safe Perth, you never know when another mild storm may strike.

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