Perth Woman's Intense Alarm System Out of Control

2 June 2014, 10:30am

Kelly Samington, 24, hates her job and finds it increasingly difficult to spring out of bed in the morning when her alarm goes off.

In 2013, Kelly could rely on a single alarm and enjoyed waking up to a whale song ringtone that she downloaded. Fast forward 6 months, and Kelly has been forced to design an intense and intricate alarm system to help her get up.

Kelly's system works like this:

- Her first alarm sounds at 6:23. She will hit snooze at least twice.
- A secondary emergency alarm will then sound at 6:30 - typically, Kelly will accidentally turn this alarm off with her hammy fingers.
- A safety net alarm will then sound at 7:45, this time represents the latest she can stay in bed without being late for work.
- Two further alarms sound at 7:48 and 7:50. These alarms are the last line of defence in Kelly's morning ritual.

By the time Kelly gets out of bed (typically 7:15), her phone battery is already on 60% given the number of alarms sounding and the extreme number of interactions she has with her phone- to hit snooze and occasionally to set a new alarm - including particularly desperate times when she sets a new alarm to sound in 1 minutes time.

Kelly's housemates cant stand her annoying alarms going off every fricking second of the morning. Kelly is out of control.

Sort your shit out Kelly.

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