Tiger Airway Cancellations Determined by Wheel of Inconvenience

3 June 2014, 9:15am

An insider has recently lifted the lid on Tiger Airways most guarded secret - their method of deciding which bullshit story to spin to paying customers when they cancel flights. 

The operational management team have a "Wheel of Inconvenience" that they use to determine the official reason for cancelling flights, during a ceremony called "The Roar of the Tiger".

To inject a bit of fun into The Roar of the Tiger, senior executives can win prizes based on which wedge the arrow lands. If an executive spins the dial and lands on "Drunk Pilot", they win a bottle of 1956's Penfolds Grange, whereas if the arrow lands on "Staff Strike", the executive wins a sky-diving adventure with Richard Branson.

Some people will accuse Tiger Airways of being non-nonchalant and generally uncaring with their cancellation policy, however, in fairness- YOU are the one trying to save money.

So, next time you have a dig at Tiger Airways, for arbitrarily cancelling your flight (real reason: because they didn't fill up every single seat with some wheezing mouth-breather), remember, you are just a shit-eater in the great unwashed masses.

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