THE HUMAN ZOO: The Adventures of Hobo Heart - Part 1


Hobo Heart's alarm sounds at 6:45am. His favourite James Blunt song blares out of his 2008 Nokia mobile. Angry, he rolls out of bed and shuffles to his bed side table to examine whats left of the nights takings. A few sips of Woodstock remain in a can and some chopped up marijuana. Hobo Heart swigs the can and then fashions it into a crude can-bong. He inhales. For a moment, he is free. 

Hobo Heart boards the 170 Bus from Albany Highway in Victoria Park. He sits next to a mouth-breather who has keypad tones activated on his phone. Hobo Heart closes his eyes and dreams of committing unspeakable acts against the mouth-breather. He smiles, if only for a moment, Hobo Heart is free. 

The 170 rolls onto St Georges Terrace at 7:45am. Hobo Heart alights the bus and walks towards an alley way. Hobo Heart slaps the hands of his constituents - Barry and Gunky Gill, two resident CBD bums that Hobo Heart has formed a close bond with. Gunky Gill offers Hobo Heart a swig on his tawny port. Hobo Heart declines, "not before 11:00am Bill", a blatant lie. 

Hobo Heart proceeds to the Perth Magistrates' Court where he meets his client, a lowlife that was caught robbing charity boxes. Hobo Heart looks the lowlife in the eyes, takes a deep breath, "did you see the tits on that chick, mate?".  If only for a moment, they are both free. 

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