The Human Zoo: Trust Fund Baby - Part 1

Part 1 - Started from the bottom

Trust Fund sits in a corner office of his father's stockbroking firm. He logs onto his internet banking, views his balance, fist pumps multiple times. He prints the statement - deciding to send a copy to every printer in the office - "bitches gotta know, bra". 

It is already 9:05am and Trust Fund hasn't received any social media notifications. He searches through his mobile phone photos, ah yes - time to post a photo from Ibiza 2008 - the photo where he is on a boat and mingling with some bikini-clad woman. Trust Fund Instagrams the image with the caption "#thuglife". He lays in wait, emotionless, expressionless and anxious. Great success, someone likes the photo. "yeh that slut craves it",  he thinks to himself while delivering a few more wild fist pumps. 

Trust Fund's unquenchable thirst for social media gratification grinds away at him. He logs onto Facebook and updates his status: "Life is a gift, I started from the bottom and now I'm here! Never let anyone say you cant follow your dreams #thuglife". He receives 10 likes in 5 minutes. He fist pumps so violently that he spills some coffee on his Gucci business shirt. 

He calls his secretary, "babe, run down to David Jones and pick me up another Gucci would you? I don't do coffee stains babe". 

Her skin crawls. 

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