The Human Zoo - The Little Unit - PART 1

The Little Unit corners a new employee at the fish and chip store: "we have a little joke in my family - you know how Asians always have straight hair? Well, I bet their pubes are straight too HA!"

The new employee is stunned. A dear in the headlights. Little Unit keeps staring, waiting for the gratification of a laugh. The employee smirks and says "thats a good one, mate". Its not. Its barely a joke.

The Little Unit is putting off his managerial duties. He walks up to the grillsman. Nods his head and says "look at all these customers staring at the footy game. I was asked to try out for the Freo Dockers when I was 18 ya know". The grillsman sighs - he is used to the sounds of Little Unit's flaming bullshit.

Still searching for attention, Little Unit approaches a 16 year old who is stationed at the till. "You ever experienced the raw power of a 1988 Mazda Rx7?". She shakes her head. "Well then, maybe I'll give you a ride to your inter-school swimming carnival then". Gross.

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