The Human Zoo - The Degenerate - PART 2

Part 2 - Go-Karting

The Degenerate sits down to breakfast - baked beans and two lines of speed. Its go-karting day. Slips on his best Holden Racing Team jacket. Ready to go. 

At the track he greets the staff. "Not this fucking idiot" mutters the manager. The Degenerate chooses his favourite go-kart and becomes increasingly irate when he cant quite get comfortable in his seat - "fucking dog seat, this is fucked". He takes an unauthorized warm up lap and lights up a cigarette. "I really cant deal with this moron today" - the manager thinks. 

"Thats it mate, you're out, you're banned". The Degenerate deals with the news poorly. He chicken-walks around the track ranting and raving about "his rights" and "fucking dogs". Growing increasingly irate, he warns the staff that he will make arrangement for Today Tonight to "be all over this act of doggery".

On his way home, the Degenerate drops a burnout a sik burnout and thinks "fuck, I think I left me kid unattended again".

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