The Human Zoo - The Pig's Trail of Destruction - Part 1

Part 1 - Entree`

The Pig searches through his wardrobe for his extra loose pants. Only a few stains, nothing a wet tea-towel cant sort out. A belt wont be necessary, not for tonight. 

The dinner party starts in 40minutes. The Pig's wife is still getting ready. The platter that they are bringing to party is vulnerable, juicy and alone. The Pig picks at some salami and cheese cubes. "Hurry up darl I'm wasting away here".

The Pig arrives at the dinner party at 6:45pm. It's a cool and still night. Ideal conditions for gluttony. The Pig does a quick lap of the room and greets some old friends. He turns to Phil: "Is your daughter legal yet Phil, ha ha", he snorts while Phil recoils in disgust. 

The Pig slams his hand into a bowl of Doritos. Chips overflowing, falling onto the carpet. The Pig whips his hands on his extra loose pants before he sits down for the meal. The Pig stacks his plate with roasted delights, potato salad and bread rolls. He helps himself to seconds, then thirds. No one has even finished their first plate. 

The Pig's wine glass is once again empty. No problem, there is some wine left in the bottle. Fills his glass to the brim, draining the last of the wine. The host stares at him, "at LEAST pour a little for your wife!". The Pig grunts, "she can be a real asshole when she drinks, better off in me ha ha". He leans back and disengages the top button of his pants. Satisfied, sweaty, proud.

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