The Human Zoo - The Pig's Trail of Destruction - PART 2

Part 2 - Sizzlers

It is the happiest day of the Pig's life. His daughter is getting married. The reception has been booked. 6:30pm at Sizzlers. The Pig can barely contain his excitement. 

While waiting to be seated a young waiter approaches with a plate of complimentary cheese toast. The Pig grasps the mans arm, "come here, son". His fat hand is sweaty and grabs 3 pieces of cheese toast in one foul swoop. Oil drips on his belly that is sticking out of his formal shirt. The buttons are under much strain. 

"Surf and Turf" he snorts at the lady taking his order. "Outta the way" he speed-waddles to the salad bar. It is time. He constructs a mountain of nachos with potato wedges littered in between the chips. He dips his finger into a creamy looking soup - "not enough cream" he grumbles. He repeats this grim routine three times before his main course arrives. Three mountainous plates down his gullet. 

"I need to make some room, luv" - he indiscreetly blurts out to his table. Within moments the restaurant is filled with the sounds of the Pig throwing up in the toilet. He isn't finished consuming yet and he wont let a full belly get in his way. After the chorus of chundering the restaurant is treated to the sound of the Pig's mightiest fart. Almost like a battle-horn being sound. 

He returns to his table - "this has been an excellent wedding". 

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