The Human Zoo: The Adventures of Hobo Heart - PART 2

Part 2 - Office Life

Hobo Heart returns from Friday lunch drinks. The third pint was probably one too many. "I'll just camp out in the shitter until I'm less drunk" he says to himself in the elevator. 

20 minutes passes and Hobo Heart is on top of his inebriation. He re-enters the office eco-system. He notices a memo on his desk. Its from a coworker asking him to help out with some research - "it's Friday afternoon for fucks sake". Hobo Heart storms to his coworkers office to have some words. He isn't back from lunch yet. Hobo Heart pauses - picks up the coworkers stapler - places it in the bin. "Asshole" he thinks to himself.

Hobo Heart stares blankly at  his computer screen. Unmotivated and dreaming of his next frothy beer. "I am off to the Supreme Court Library to help old mate out with some research" - Hobo Heart's boss is impressed - the illusion of dedication is ripe in the air. 

Hobo Heart walks vaguely towards the library. He veers sharply down an alleyway, suddenly... Gunky Gill appears. "Lets go smoke some darts down by the Lucky Shag ay?" It was a proposition Hobo Heart could not refuse. After 4 Benson & Hedges' Hobo Heart turns to Gunky Gill and says, "life is like a pack of darts - because it's fucking brilliant". Hobo Heart has found a slice of freedom once more. 

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