The Human Zoo: Officer Turmoil - Part 2

Part 2 - Cleaning Up the Streets

Officer Turmoil slowly drives through the streets of Highgate at 3:00am on a rainy Sunday morning. He spots a male prostitute and instinctively pulls over. "How much? scumbag". Nervously, the male prostitute responds, "$150 bucks big boy". 

Officer Turmoil gestures for the man-whore to get in his car. He pulls over in a car park near a soccer oval. He grips his steering wheel firmly, he keeps his eyes forward and grunts "give me a dose of street justice, you piece of shit". Aggressive love is made.

After the deed is done, Office Turmoil grins, "big mistake", Officer Turmoil pulls out his badge and slaps a pair of handcuffs on the prostitute. "Do you think its OK to go around bumming straight men? I will end you, son". The prostitute is scared and confused. Officer Turmoil says a Hail Mary through gritted teeth. Prostitute is charged with being a prostitute. 

Officer Turmoil drive to a 24/7 Petrol Station - microwave meal for 1. He drifts off into an angry slumber. 

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