The Human Zoo: Officer Turmoil - Part 1

Part 1 - Justice Served

"I'm gonna put this cunts head through his own windscreen", he thinks to himself as he pulls over a motorist for doing 5kph over the speed limit. Officer Turmoil adjusts his hat, checks his gun holster and walks towards the offending motorist.

The motorist banters, "Sorry Officer, I was speeding to get home to watch the Eagles!". Officer Turmoil needs a moment to compose himself. He stares at the motorists face, sweaty, nervous and dripping with guilt.  "Shut the fuck up ,shit-eel". Officer Turmoil firmly grasps the stress ball in his pocket as he remembers his mandatory anger management counseling.   

"Blow into here and stop when I say so". The motorist attempts to lighten the mood with more banter, "I wish I could say that to my wife ha!". A mighty storm of confusion and anger is now brewing in Officer Turmoil's heart. He grips the stress ball, the anger doesn't leave him. "Are you implying that I am some fuck boy that asks men to blow my breathalyser?" . The motorist shakes his head in fear. 

Officer Turmoil writes a ticket and walks back to his Holden Commodore. He fires off a text message to his ex-wife, "tell me I am not a faggot". No reply. 

Officer Turmoil goes home, he heats up a can of Campbell's Big Eat soup. He loads GTA 5 in his Playstation. Spends his night running over pedestrians while laughing out loud.

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