New STD Named After "What Really Happens in Bali" Star

9 June 2014, 5:40pm

Todd Gisondi is a shining example of a moron seeking fame through making a complete dick of himself on TV.  He recently stared in Chanel 7's "What Really Happens in Bali", where he made claims that he bedded up to 3 woman a night and never used a condom.

This deadlocked, tribal tattooed, Big Brother contestant wannabe, sought and achieved fame. Perhaps it wasn't the fame he was looking for though. Scientists at a leading sexual health clinic have decided to name a new strain of aggressive genital herpes after the self professed "sex addict": Toddy's Simplex 2.

The Toddy's Simplex strain of herpes leaves horrible cold sores on your genitals but it also effects judgment, to the point where you might go on national TV and tell Australia that you don't "believe" in condoms.

Get a grip Todd.

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